Monday, October 3, 2016

VP Bids Good Luck (An Open Message For All Graduating Students) /NEWS ARTICLE

This week, we talked to Mr. Alfredo M. Dimaano, as graduation season gets underway the Vice President of Academic Affairs sends his best regards to the College of Teacher Education graduating students in the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina.
"Make your teaching profession worth while and fun-filled so that it will echo resoundingly wherever you may go, because teaching is not meant to hurt but teaching is meant to help" said Sir D.
During the interview, you can barely notice how the he delivers his answers filled with confidence and passion.

"Firstly, ahh to the Education students, I would like to extend my warmest thanks, my gratitude and appreciation for joining the role of teachers in this very noble profession, the teaching. I really am appreciative for your enthusiasm, your dynamism, and your conviction that despite the enormous trends, challenges, and the upheavals we are facing in the educational system, you remained steadfast in order to contribute a legacy not on your generation but to the generations of the students and their generations to come. Secondly, to all the students of Pamantasan, I am happy that despite the odds, despite the turmoils in life, they are striving, they are trying to move at their best, even if financially they are constraint, they are experiencing a lot of family life difficulties that just the same we welcome them, this venue, this University becomes a haven for everybody, that there is still hope, there is still availability of love, care that can afford for everybody no matter how cheap the tuition fee is, it’s not the question of the amount, it’s a question of how much passion, how much motivation, how much enthusiasm and dynamism you put in in order to be successful in life. Just always remember that life is perfectly beautiful, what makes it imperfect is how you perceive, how you believe and how you live it." -Mr. Alfredo M. Dimaano, PLMar Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

             After four years of six hour school days six times a week, and after dealing with all the ridiculous drama-related things that you encountered in college, you're moving into a bigger, better things.
The last few months in college may seem to be a little too underated and everyone is excited to face what the future lies ahead of them, what career should they be having. Getting jobs is probably going to be one of the better days of your life. There's a lot of emotions in the air. You're going to be overjoyed because you're done with college, but you'll probably get a little sad too. Make these couple months count. Breathe it in.

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