Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I dream a dream (Narrative Poem)

I dream a dream
I dream a dream
Of what will I be
Alone in this bivouac
Is just the ceiling and me
I was filled by the light
Of the sun flaring my desire
Flashing through my heart
From the firmament above
Are years I ventured
My morrow, Oh bright!
Anon, I stumble
I stand like a strand
For I've smelled the fragrance
Of success beforehand
Woven in the threads of teaching
Bounded by the nylon of faith
Catenated by cobwebs of learning
Is I who dream a dream
Of leading the nation
On the same light I received.

The Pursuit of Rainbows and Silver linings (ShortStory)

It was a hot and dry afternoon when the construction workers decided to take a short break time to eat their meriendas but Caloy stayed in the building and realized that the hospital they've been constructing is about to get finished. He stayed for he wants to stare at this hospital they have been working for a couple of months, he always loved the place, he believes he was part of it and it has a special place in his heart because of this job, he was able to provide the needs of him and his wife, Paz.

Whenever Caloy passed this hospital, he enjoyed the view and reminisce the times he spent with his co-workers building the place, mixing the cement, elevating the walls, filling the walls with metal and cement, and the moments he spent with his friends. He always loved the place, he thinks its one of his wonderful creation... he's proud of it.

Paz is now 8 months pregnant,Caloy is jobless for almost 5 months meaning they have nothing to spare for their baby's delivery, but the two is so courageous and they've been trying to find work to have some money but it was never enough,

"I'm about to give birth to our baby" screamed Paz
Caloy rushed to Manang Tisay's place but the midwife is not around so he decided to go to the hospital they built.

after long rants and begging to the nurses and the doctors, they didn't entertain the couple instead they advised them to transfer to another hospital for they do not have enough money. Unfortunately, Paz already popped her water bag, though the hospital refused at first they still performed the operation. But it took a long time and the baby is already dead inside Paz, the couple was devastated.

The hospital Caloy loved the most suddenly turned out to be the place he hated, he was walking into the cloud of frustration and darkness, he's drunk. He went to the hospital and committed a bomb suicide. The hospital was now nothing but ash along with Caloy's cold and empty heart.

At Its Best (Graduation Song + Lyrical Poem)

At Its Best
By: BSE 401- English

Strings of memories haunt this dame
Circle of friends grow in fain
Threads of destiny we're woven
Bundles are joy by sorrow's striden

Gray room hides curves in our face
Proofs of obstacles embrace
Standards are set for any movement
For pale habits are of no moment

Walls and ceilings witness the bond
Hatreds blown by the winds so fond
Grains of dust can even attest
Bar light of knowledge flaring at its best

Cobwebs along with the times we endure
In screw of sanity decisions unsure
But Masking tape paves its way
Cracked journeys in soon array

Like water making a pipe rust
Friendship can't live without trust
For we are wings of butterflies
Absence of one takes us no high

Education for all; Adobo for all (Adobo + Education)

Education for all; Adobo for all -P.J.Jamasali

Education for all; Adobo for all.

By P.J.Jamasali

Filipinos are known as hard working and loving people. We are bound in our rich culture and we cultivate them by preserving them for the future generation. We grew up in a society where education is valued,I  know every student can no longer say that the phrase "study hard my child, education is the only thing we could give you" or more like "education is the only thing you can inherit from us" are unfamiliar to them. Nevertheless, these phrases are no longer stranger to out ears, because it is true. Since we are talking about the precious treasure we could inherit from our hard working parents, some us of inherit the culture of our ancestors, I believe that all of us have this special recipe of the food we love.

When we are cooking, first we always need fire and that fire enables us to cook food. It should be heating up to burn hot enough for the food to be cooked, it is like the motivation. It serves as fire that keeps heating up so that whatever you do in school and in teaching, if you keep the fire burning then you can never get lost.
In cooking, we should have list of ingredients like in adobo. We need pork/chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onion, oil, water, laurel leaves, and so on and so forth. In education, we need a lot of discipline, dedication, effort, hard work, patience, flexibility etc. we must never ever miss one of these ingredients because adobo will never be adobo without any one of those on the list. It is in lined with education, if you miss one of those things, I guess you'll miss the important quality of being a good teacher for one cannot be called a good teacher if he/she doesn't value those quality.

When we cook adobo, we have to spend some time letting the meat to be tender this is the time where we must realize that not all food are instant. Not all things are instant, we must sacrifice our time. It enables us to grow, and always know that it may be a long period of time and a long narrow way to get to our paths, we'll still get there.

Upon simmering and serving, I bet you can smell the success of the food you had prepared. I know its been a long way down, its never easy but seeing yourself walking in a toga holding your diploma. That's one of the sweetest things you should celebrate because you made it!

Lastly, each and everyone of us have unique taste, not only because we have different tongues but it also the organ that enables us to taste things. 

Our taste buds is unique in a way we can determine different tastes: sourness, bitterness, saltiness and sweetness. When added up altogether, we come up with a perfect combination. Always remember adobo without love is not adobo, education without love is not education. We must share our adobo to all, as well as our knowledge and experiences to everybody to come up with a harmonious society. We must put up our hearts and soar higher to come up with a delicious taste of success.