Tuesday, September 6, 2016

At Its Best (Graduation Song + Lyrical Poem)

At Its Best
By: BSE 401- English

Strings of memories haunt this dame
Circle of friends grow in fain
Threads of destiny we're woven
Bundles are joy by sorrow's striden

Gray room hides curves in our face
Proofs of obstacles embrace
Standards are set for any movement
For pale habits are of no moment

Walls and ceilings witness the bond
Hatreds blown by the winds so fond
Grains of dust can even attest
Bar light of knowledge flaring at its best

Cobwebs along with the times we endure
In screw of sanity decisions unsure
But Masking tape paves its way
Cracked journeys in soon array

Like water making a pipe rust
Friendship can't live without trust
For we are wings of butterflies
Absence of one takes us no high

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